Why Your Heating Isn’t Working Enough to Keep You Comfortable

a woman feeling uncomfortableUtah’s chilly winters are pleasant only when your home’s interior temperature keeps you comfortable. Otherwise, you’ll be under the covers or look like you’re about to go skiing indoors. If you keep adjusting the thermostat of your heating system to maintain warmth, then something is wrong with your unit.
In an ideal scenario, you’ll have called for furnace repair service in Salt Lake City before winter comes. That way, you’re well-prepared for the cool season. But if you find yourself wondering why you’re feeling chilly indoors even with a furnace, here are some issues to resolve:

Your heating system has a faulty thermostat

A malfunctioning thermostat could mean certain areas in your home feel too warm or too cold. So many things can make your thermostat fail:

  • Aging wiring can make your thermostat lose its connection to your heating system;
  • Dust and debris can cause your thermostat to fail, and
  • Poor location (e.g., near heat sources) can trigger inaccurate reading.

There is blockage in your ductwork system
Out of sight out of mind? It’s not exactly the case with your ductwork system because you’ll feel something’s wrong if your heating system isn’t working. You could have a blockage in your ductwork, which can prevent airflow. Apart from blockage, leaks could also occur in your ducts, which allow heat to escape.

The pilot light is not “on”

An unlit pilot light can make it difficult to warm up your rooms. In addition to being lit, the pilot light should also be strong enough. You need to make sure that the flame is blue, not yellow and weak. Otherwise, your heating unit could create a hazardous situation in which carbon dioxide leaks in your home.

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Other potential issues that prevent your heating system from working include dirty filters and poor maintenance. Sometimes, your furnace may be too old, and so it needs a replacement. Whether you need a repair job or a new one, make sure to call a professional. HVAC professionals ensure the performance and safety of your heating system, keeping you comfortable throughout any season.