Why Your Children Need to Be More Active

Kids playing basketballMany children these days stay glued to their mobile devices, computers, or television. Like any responsible parent, you would want your children to become more active or to play outdoors. These are some of the reasons why you should encourage your children to be more active.

Muscles and Memories

According to new research, children with stronger muscles have displayed better working memory. The scientists evaluated 79 children between the ages of 9 and 11. Muscle fitness in the evaluated children showed a direct correlation to memory accuracy. The research even reinforced prior studies that linked aerobic fitness with improved academic performance and thinking skills.
Activities such as martial arts like Karate or Taekwondo for kids, or group sports such as soccer or basketball not only encourage muscle memory but also improve confidence and communication skills.

Limit Gadget Use

Limiting their use of mobile phones, computers, video games, and tablets is a good way to encourage children to be active. Use this as a reward for their participation in active play.  Doing this has an additional benefit: using these gadgets lessens the risk of children developing myopia.

Be Active With Your Child

Do the activities with your child. Nothing encourages children more than doing something with their parents. Choose an activity that encourages competition or cooperation, or anything that you both enjoy.
Children appreciate their parents’ interest in their activities. For example, you can both take Taekwondo for both kids and adults. When they see your involvement in their lives, not only will you develop a better relationship, your children will become more active.
Exercise and activity benefit your entire family in more ways than you can imagine. Encouraging children to be more active is one way to make your family bonds stronger.
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