Why You Should Try Sleeping In The Nude

Woman sleeping

Do you sleep naked? Good for you. There are certain benefits to sleeping with no clothes on. Here are some of them:

Reduced Risks of Yeast Infection

Sleeping in the nude can help women avoid yeast and bacterial infections. When you sleep in pajamas or other garments, especially if the fabric is non-breathable, yeast infection may develop as the microscopic fungus thrives in moist places.

Increased Sperm Count

Sleeping naked also benefits men, as some experts agree that “going commando” lets a man’s private parts breathe, which may lead to a healthier sperm count. Your privates are hidden in warm clothing all day, so give them a break at night.

Better Sleep Quality

With nothing but your skin between two comfortable sheets, your sleep quality may improve. No clothes may get tangled and uncomfortable, or crease up and mark your skin. You may even turn off the air-conditioning on a cool night without soaking your pajamas with sweat. Try organic bedding for an even better experience.

Reduced Risks of Skin Diseases

Your skin is mostly covered by clothing all day. Giving it time to breathe at night may prevent the development of skin diseases and infections caused by moisture. You may avoid athlete’s foot and other skin problems.

More Skin-on-Skin Contact

Sleeping in the nude may also improve your sex life, as more skin-on-skin contact with your partner may boost your desire or libido. Sexual intercourse helps release happy hormones, which may also benefit your relationship in general.

Save on the Cost of Sleepwear

You don’t have to buy more pajamas or spend more time washing them. You may have to wash your sheets more often, but at least you don’t have pajamas to worry about anymore.

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Get Right to Bed when you’re Tired

You get home tired and just aching to hit the sack, but you still have to shed your work clothes and put on pajamas. Now you only have to take off your clothes and go directly to bed.

These are just some of the benefits of sleeping naked. Try it; it might give your life certain improvements and all because you decided to go “all natural”.