Why Leg Swelling Should Not Be Ignored

Magnifying glass held over a swollen leg

Some people consider leg swelling as a normal occurrence. They don’t know that it could result in a life-threatening condition. Know more about one not-so-common health condition.
Some people consider swollen legs as a normal part of life, but there are times when such swelling could either be a result of an existing ailment or could give rise to something worse. The experts at Veniti say that one of the possible reasons for constant leg swelling is deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and May-Thurner Syndrome (MTS). Treatment for this disease is often recommended only when it is symptomatic.

May-Thurner Syndrome

Not many have heard of this condition since it can affect people without them even knowing it. May-Thurner Syndrome is a rare disorder of the vascular system. This happens when an artery is compressed. Normally, it is the left iliac vein that gets compressed by the right iliac artery.


There are no initial visible physical symptoms, but in this case, it is the DVT that would lead to certain symptoms. A person suffering from DVT would normally experience leg swelling. There is also pain and leg throbbing. At times, changes in skin color would be evident. Other patients would complain about having skin that feels warm to the touch.

Treatment Options

Treatment is almost always geared towards DVT. When the condition is detected early, May-Thurner Syndrome treatment would include blood thinning medication, angioplasty, venous stenting, and the use of vena cava filters. In some cases, a surgical procedure is recommended. 
The right common iliac artery would be isolated to relieve the compression. It will be moved between the distal and proximal clamps. Next, it would be transposed to a position right behind the location of the left common iliac artery.
May-Thurner Syndrome may not be common, but it can be life-threatening when it develops to DVT and not treated early. If you have a family history of DVT, it would be best for you to look into this condition so that you could take the proper treatment.
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