Who’s Who in the ER: 3 Staff Members You’ll Encounter Other Than Doctors and Nurses

emergency staff in action
Often full of people, the emergency room (ER) is one of the busiest spots in a hospital. Staff members of the emergency department (ED) are always on their feet, prepared to do one task after another. If it is your first time going to an ER, the place can be confusing to the point that you have no idea who to approach first. So for the benefit of everyone, here’s a quick rundown of who’s who in the ER other than the doctors and ED nurses:

1. Administrative Registration Clerk

The first people you’ll encounter in an ED are not the medical personnel. Instead, they are the staff members who get your name, date of birth, and other personal information. Also, these clerks are the ones responsible for collecting your insurance provider information before you undergo any procedure inside the ER.

2. Triage Nurse

After giving your personal information to the registration clerks, you’ll meet the triage nurse. This staff member will assess your medical situation and determine the level of care you need, whether it’s emergent or not. According to Emergency Staffing Solutions, the triage nurse is one of the roles that the ER staffing of the hospital must prioritize. Without the triage nurse, the doctors will have to spend more time determining who they should attend to first instead of providing immediate care to patients with more pressing needs.

3. Medical Assistant

Whenever there’s a huge accident in the area, the hospital’s ED may have to use the services of medical assistants. Trained as a paramedic or a graduate nurse, the medical assistants can help with a number of procedures such as drawing blood, inserting IV catheters, or transporting patients to other areas in the hospital.

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Other than the doctors and nurses, expect that you’ll encounter the staff members mentioned above whenever you’re inside the ER. With a better understanding of their roles, you’ll know what to expect once you encounter them. So now, you know that you should never yell at the registration clerks for not giving you any pain relievers. It’s not their job.