What to Do in Your Short Trip to Bath

The City of Bath

Bath in England, a Unesco World Heritage Site, is a city adorned with rich Gregorian architecture and is full of a number of lush and well-preserved parks. You would want to squeeze out the most of your short holiday break in this city more than anywhere else. Once you find the best boutique bed and breakfast in Bath, you should know these things before your visit. 

1. Do your research

As with every holiday trip, research is a must whether your aim is to simply know the store hours or an irksome low-budget trip research. A good site to visit is visitbath.co.uk where you can find good "must do" and "must see" ideas and even good money saving deals for dining, city passes, and accommodation. 

2. Download audio guides

If you've done your research right, you would discover a lot of audio guides accessible through the Internet. You may not fancy this but it's good to know what tales lie in such a historic city you ought to see. You can download audio walking tours of Jane Austen’s Bath and the city’s highlights while some audio guides are included in the entrance fees. 

3. Take the public transportation

Bath is just an hour-long train ride from London. Taking the public transportation is a good option since parking in Bath is a bit limited and pricey. You can find a handful of free parking spaces but it might not be for long since a park and ride installation is in the planning stages for the City.

4. Visit the landmarks as early as possible

Bath is no ordinary City, the number of tourists is unwavering as its Roman past, Georgian architecture, and hot springs. Go to the City's nearby megalithic sites and Roman buildings as early as you can. You would want to enjoy your holiday eyeing the city's marvel rather than queuing for a ticket, especially The Grand Bath and Thermae Bath Spa.

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5. Tour on foot

This City happens to be one of England's most popular tourist destinations.It is advisable to tour on foot whenever possible or take the bus. You can avail of a free two-hour walking tour given by the Mayor of Bath's Corps of Honorary Guides.

After a day's stroll, you would want to rest in a peaceful boutique bed and breakfast. In Bath, these accommodations are a great way to spend a rich and restful holiday break you deserve.