Wedding Planning 101: Why You Need an Inspiration Board

wedding planner talking to bride about planningIt’s what every couple dreadfully faces after the hype and the high of the engagement settles — wedding planning. Slowly, layers of major decisions dawn on the couple: Which venue? Indoors or outdoors? Garden or beach? The list goes on.

Before you go into panic mode, take a deep breath and realize this: your wedding planning shouldn’t start with asking which event planners in Denver to call; in fact, the starting point is the fun part: finding inspiration. Because, behind every perfectly-designed wedding is a well-put-together inspiration board.

The Inspiration Board

A wedding inspiration board, or mood board, is a simple tool that captures the essence of the style you want for the event. Note that this isn’t the specific plan for how the venue would look like or what exactly your dress would be. Those details would come in later.

A mood board features exactly that, the mood. The vibe and feel you want to bring out at the wedding. Why exactly do you need this inspiration board?

Well, with a lot of options you would encounter down the wedding planning — and for sure, all these options are good — you may find yourself stuck in a decision dilemma of which choices would be best. The mood board filters your choices.

Yes, those flowers you saw from your best friend’s wedding are pretty, but do they fit the design and style you want for your own? Another use of the mood board is it helps you better convey what you envision to your vendors and event planners.

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Being clear about what you want avoids miscommunication between parties and get tasks done, the right way. Given that, how do you get this mood board started?

How to Do It

The first thing to do is go through images in bridal magazines, websites, Pinterest, Instagram, what have you, and find those that you think could bring out your personality as a couple.

You could do this online (there are lots of platforms that let you drag and drop images) or you can also follow the old-school style of cutting and pasting images on a piece of paper. Then, the next thing to do is, edit, edit, edit.

There’s a high chance that you just picked the pretty photos just because they’re that: pretty. Nothing else. So, review your photos and see which really speaks your style. A good way to do this is to group similar photos together (either same in colors or in the emotion they evoke).

Then, from these similar photos, pick two or three that best encapsulate your vision. When you’re done editing, take a step back. You would see patterns in hues and styles emerging — and you’d realize you probably have just decided on a theme and color scheme.

Start your wedding planning with an inspiration board. Enjoy this most fun part of the journey!