Want Your Kids to Bond? Take Them to an Amusement Park

View of an amusement parkIt’s the same scene every day in the house: your kids are either bickering or in self-imposed isolation while hunched over their phones. But as a parent, you want your children to get along well. After all, brothers and sisters help shape one another’s personalities. Fortunately, all is not lost. A timely intervention just might change the atmosphere. Set aside time this weekend to take your family to an amusement park in New Jersey. The time you’ll spend together on rides and walking through the park will surely help the kids get along.

The Thrill of Rides

Theme parks offer various activities, including some thrilling rides that could inspire fear among some people. During these scary times, kids need someone to turn to, like an older (or younger) sibling. Rides make siblings bond by pushing them to support one another. Additionally, frequently bickering siblings will have to set aside their differences to enjoy the amusement park visit. No other place improves the mood quite like an amusement park, after all. The rides give kids a shared adrenaline rush that’s equal to a natural high. The accompanying release of endorphins also makes a person more energetic and open to positive reinforcement.

Starting Conversations and Creating Memories

At home, some kids prefer the solace of their own rooms, fencing themselves off from their siblings. Once they are in a park, though, they’ll prefer to stay with the family. This would be a great time for children to bond; they might find a lot to talk about while waiting in line, for example. Long queues can be a great way to foster conversations over which part of the ride is the most exciting, or what activity they should do next. As they go through rides and roam around the park, they’ll be creating amazing memories together. It may be their funny, screaming face on the roller coaster or the dollop of ice cream that fell on their shirts. Whatever that is, they’ll have something to talk about even long after the day ends. Bitter fights and cold shoulders between siblings happen from time to time, but the animosity need not last long. Fortunately, there are many things a parent can do to help siblings get along, and a weekend trip to a local park might just be the ticket.

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