The Value of Well-Kept Lawns in the Hospitality Industry

Mowing the lawnThe hospitality industry covers a wide range of businesses which fall into three segments: Food and Beverage, Accommodations, and Travel and Tourism. All have a great potential to benefit from commercial landscaping in more ways than one.

Capitalizes on On-Site Assets

Commercial landscaping enhances the natural appeal of a commercial property. The Accommodations segment has the greatest potential in this area since hotels and resorts tend to have large properties in naturally-attractive locales.

Consider how five-star hotels design their surrounding landscapes to showcase nearby tourist attractions, like world-famous beaches, mountains, and urban sights like the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Empire State Building in New York.

Another approach to commercial landscaping is to maximize the layout of the property to enhance the building itself. Hotels that stand atop a hill, for example, look more appealing when the surrounding grounds complement its architecture. Restaurants can also benefit from this strategy: it’s been proven that diners are attracted to food establishments that offer romantic views aside from delicious food.

In Virginia, many businesses in the hospitality industry can take advantage of the scenic views of the Appalachian Trail, Chesapeake Bay, Shenandoah Valley, and Blue Ridge Highlands.

Businesses that don’t have wide acreage can benefit from commercial landscaping, too. Any experienced company offering commercial lawn care in Winchester can also give a 5-star treatment to smaller lawns.

Provides a Refreshing Experience for Guests

Sprinkler on a lawnOffering customers the opportunity to experience nature is a trend among luxury hotels today. This is, in fact, a cost-effective investment. Developing the surrounding landscape is, for the most part, a low-cost project compared to interior retrofits. Additionally, this extends a business’ area of operations. For instance, a restaurant could build an outdoor dining area for customers who wish to dine under the stars. Meanwhile, a resort could build a new pool or an open-air massage station.

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This paves the way for new and refreshing experiences which customers can enjoy. It’s not impossible for these outdoor amenities to become customer favorites, too. A business analysis by the Vucurevich Simons Advisory Group (VSAG) showed that outdoor seating in food establishments could increase sales by 65%. Studies in other industries also reflect the general customer preference for businesses with outdoor amenities or at least located near gardens, parks, and other natural assets.

Builds a Positive Reputation and Image

Do not underestimate the branding power of a well-kept lawn. It creates an image of integrity and luxury — two qualities which many businesses in the hospitality industry strive to achieve. And businesses in Virginia can do this with assistance from a reliable provider of commercial lawn care in Winchester.

A beautiful and well-maintained lawn suggests that management is always on top of things and that it prioritizes its customers’satisfaction and well-being. It also helps that nature has a therapeutic effect on people. According to studies, proximity to nature provides relief from stress, promotes mental focus, and provides other health benefits. This gives hospitality businesses an advantage because customers will experience their services with a positive and enthusiastic outlook.

With smart planning, businesses in the hospitality industry can benefit a lot from commercial landscaping. If the numerous case studies and research are any indication, it is an investment that’s worth making.