Urgent Care

Dentist smiling and ready to workInjuries to the teeth often happen at the most unexpected times. People can play sports without any ill effects and then crack a tooth while eating dinner. Whenever a dental incident needs immediate attention, it’s important to see an emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire as soon as possible. Giving professional attention to the problem, whatever it is, will ensure that the patient has the best chance of maintaining good oral health. The risk of further damage will be minimised, while overall discomfort will be reduced.

Why visit the emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire?

Injuries are not the only reason people want the services of an emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire. At contemporary dentists such as Garden View Dental Care, urgent treatment has many causes. These include advanced tooth decay, broken teeth, and severe infection. People come to the surgery with facial swelling, damaged crowns, abscesses, and severe toothache. The crucial thing to remember is to pick up the phone and request an emergency appointment.

What happens at the practice?

The dental team will firstly examine the patient’s mouth and assess the extent of the problem. Local anaesthetic will ensure a big reduction in the patient’s discomfort, while every effort will be made to reduce further infection.

In some cases, the patient might need to have a tooth extracted. If this happens, the dentist will discuss options for replacement teeth with the patient, including the possibility of having dental implants.

The emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire might ask the patient to return to the practice to finish their treatment after their initial visit. In all cases, the dentist will consider the patient’s future oral health as well as their immediate needs.

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One of the goals of the emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire is to help the patient to heal quickly from their ailments. When major discomfort suddenly develops, it can be very worrying. Dental teams have lots of experience in providing reassurance and reducing distress. The sooner the patient picks up the phone, the better chance they have of making a complete recovery. Dental practices set time aside to deal with urgent problems on the same day they develop.