Unleash Your Office Style: The Proper Ways to Dress Business Casual

Man wearing business casual style clothingOffice attires are getting even more casual nowadays, but it’s not an excuse to show up at work wearing a Marvel top, ripped jeans and sneakers. You must find the right balance between business and casual to have a sophisticated, but comfy office ensemble. Although, you must also keep in mind that the way the pieces fit you is just as important, too.

Here are the essential pieces, such as made in USA men’s boots, that you should have in your closet to incorporate a casual business style:


You must own a blazer that fits you perfectly, which means that it sits snug and square on your shoulders. It must also be trimmed slim on the sides and conclude just underneath your butt. The sleeves must end just a few centimeters over the thumb joint and the shirt cuff. If this sounds complicated, you can always get the services of a tailor to guarantee it fits right for you.

Meanwhile, you must have the different types of blazers in your closet, including linen-blend, gray tweed and navy blazer.

Dress Shirts

The dress shirts underneath your blazer must fit the same way on your shoulders. Moreover, the space between the neck and the collar should comfortably fit two fingers, and the shirt cuff must connect at the thumb joint. Refer to this guide on dress shirt weaves to determine the right cloth for your dress code and climate. Oxford shirts are the safest option and come in several patterns, as well as, colors.


For your bottoms, chinos are an ideal choice for casual office wear. Stick with classic shades, like camel and navy, and go for slim fit. Trouser separates can be an upgrade to your style, just as long as it’s beige or gray shade. On the other hand, you can even invest in cropped trousers, but only one or two. Trends come and go, so it would be better to stick to ones with regular length. If you prefer jeans, wear ones without heavy fading or rips and are a mid-to-dark wash.

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Looking smart in the office doesn’t have to be complicated. Refer to this article if you want to look chic and earn the respect of your colleagues.