Understanding the Different Types of Cowboy Boots

Cowboy bootsContrary to what many people think, cowboy boots are not exclusive for cowboys. Many men out there have never set their foot on a horse, but they own a pair or two and look good in them.

Classic cowboy boots come in a myriad of stitches and leathers. For your first pair, you may stick to cowhide because it is affordable, possesses all the hard-wearing properties, and is versatile compared to other exotic leathers.

That said, here are some options you should look for at the next men’s cowboy boots sale.


This type depicts features that are slightly different from all other options. This is because they are categorically designed for rodeo use only. For that reason, they feature a more rounded toe, a lower positioned shaft, and a broader heel. All these features make it easy and comfortable for your feet to rest on the saddle.


Although very similar to the basic cowboy boot, a stockman boot has two major distinguishing features: a wider and shorter heel and a deeper dip inside the scallop. It is designed for a cowboy who does not spend a lot of time in the saddle. As such, you can comfortably wear them for up to 14 hours a day.

The Western work boots

This type significantly resembles the roper. Its distinguishing feature is the large toe box, which results from the steel toe that is used to manufacture them. Additionally, the Western work boots feature a rubber sole to facilitate non-slip traction. They also have a short heel to serve as an all-weather work boot at the farm.

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For you to make a fashion statement and remain functional in your cowboy boots, pair them up with the right attire. For instance, you can wear them with an elegant belt and a jacket as opposed to wearing it with a bolo tie and a cowboy shirt. This will come off simple and classic and not as though you are wearing a Western cowboy costume.