Two Types of Braces and A New Advance For Each Type

 Two Types of Orthodontic Braces in HerefordshireNot only do modern orthodontic treatments provide simpler and better solutions for dental problems than they did in the past, but they also offer patients a wider range of options when it comes to improving their smile. Of all the advances made in the dental industry in the past few decades, none has been more effective than orthodontic braces. With various treatment options available today, there is no shortage of ways to fix patients’ teeth alignment without having to endure the dreaded ‘metal mouth’ phase.

Here are the two types of braces patients can choose from:

  1. Visible braces

While it is true that traditional braces have conditioned generations of children and adults to view orthodontic braces as an off-putting, drastic measure, developments in the field have led to the production of metal braces that are smaller and less noticeable. Traditional braces are the most affordable teeth-realignment option, and parents can even shell out extra to have their kids’ braces installed with coloured bands.

Advance to note: Heat-activated archwires; appliances that use body heat to move teeth in a faster and less painful way.

  1. Invisible braces

Made from tooth-coloured ceramic and placed behind teeth, this variation of the classic metal orthodontic brace has been the standard offering to patients who want to fix the alignment of their teeth but don’t want to flash a metallic smile each time they are in front of a camera.

Advancement to note: MiSmile Invisalign treatment; a breakthrough procedure that uses a set of clear aligners to effectively and conveniently realign teeth.

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Malocclusion of teeth is an issue that affects countless people today, lowering their self-esteem and, at times, affecting the way they can use their teeth. Fortunately, new and improved types of braces give these patients a chance to possess a smile everyone — even dentists — can be proud of.