Top Ways to Achieve that K-Beauty Glow

a korean woman spraying mist on her faceAs a beauty, makeup, or skin care enthusiast, you might have heard so many things about the K-beauty craze. It is especially popular in the Philippines and both men and women are doing everything to make sure they achieve that amazing Korean glow, as well as their flawless skin.

Find out how to achieve that glow and amazing skin and why you should start buying Korean skincare and makeup today.

Focus on Your Skin

The firsts step to acing that Korean “No makeup look” is to have flawless skin. Koreans are very enthusiastic when it comes to their skincare routine. Most of them have an 11-step skincare routine that they follow day and night.

You don’t need to follow their routine step-by-step; you just need to make sure your skin is properly moisturized to keep it looking bright and healthy. Choose the right moisturizer for your skin type to make sure you can achieve that flawless skin.

Work on Your Brows

Koreans are known for always having thick and straight brows. This is what keeps them apart from the Westerners, as the latter draw their brows with a prominent arch. To start with your Korean brows, just follow the shape of your natural brow, but do not arch it too much. Thicken it a little bit if you want to. You can also use a brow mascara to keep those brows look a little bit fuller.

Use Liquid and Cream Products

This trick can be difficult to apply for people with oily skin, especially since the weather in the Philippines is hot and humid. This one’s perfect for girls with dry skin. Use cream and liquid products instead of powdered ones. This will give you a glowing and healthy look instead of a matte one. If you get too oily, you can try blotting with a blotting paper, or simply applying a little bit of powder on top of your makeup.

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Keep everything light and natural and focus more on your skincare rather than the makeup itself. You’ll look amazing and glowing in no time.