The Most Fun Way to Enjoy Apples: Pick Them On Your Own

applesApples taste great and bring numerous health benefits. Packed with essential vitamins and minerals that will keep the doctor away, you definitely would want to eat them fresh, like with most other fruits and vegetables.

What better way to enjoy apples than to pick them your own? With a number of apple picking places around the country, you can bring the entire family to such farms and enjoy the day reaching out and plucking these delicious yet nutritious treats straight off the branches. But before you head out, The Hop Shop suggests that you do some research first to educate yourself and your little ones, and to get the most out of your apple picking adventure.

Keep in mind that each apple picking farm has its own pros and cons

Do your homework to find out which farms are closest to you and which ones have great, positive reviews. Apple picking has become popular in the United Kingdom, so you will not have problems finding reviews online.

In addition, researching these places will give you an idea of what else you can do beyond the picking activities. Some farms not only have apple trees; they likewise offer other opportunities for enjoyment. These include petting zoos and manufacturing facilities that allow you to learn how they process apples.

Find out what apple varieties the farms grow

Apples come in different varieties, and their availability depends on not just the season, but also the month itself. If you are looking for specific varieties, be sure to call the picking farm beforehand to know if they have it on offer. Do not worry though, as all types of apples taste great and have numerous health benefits, so you may just find your new favourite.

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Visiting an apple orchard is a great way to have fun with your friends or family. As a final reminder, arrive at the farm early, so you can enjoy the entire day of adventure.