The importance of visiting the dentist at all stages of life

Dentist With A PatientYour dentist makes up an essential part of your health care team from your earliest days into your old age. There are various conditions that are more likely to occur during different life stages, whilst the value of regular dental check-ups should not be underestimated.

At Unidental in Stockport, new patients of all ages are welcomed to receive the highest-quality dental care. At your first check-up a full dental and medical history will be taken, and a thorough examination will be carried out. This will include photographs and x-rays as necessary.

Parents are advised to bring their child to the dentist from a young age – from when their first teeth start to appear. At first, this will help to familiarise children with the dentist and the dental practice environment, as well as helping to spot any potential causes for concern such as tooth decay before they become painful and harder to treat.

As children get older, they will be offered an early orthodontic check-up. This can also help to spot problems at an early stage, and could potentially avoid the need for prolonged, invasive orthodontic treatment during the teenage years.

Groups such as pregnant women also have a specific set or oral health concerns, which only a visit to the dentist can solve. Many pregnant women experience enhanced tooth sensitivity because of enamel erosion caused by morning sickness, as well as conditions such as pregnancy granuloma and gum disease, which the dentist can help to manage effectively.

Adults may be thinking about cosmetic dentistry – perhaps discovering their teeth become increasingly stained or discoloured, or ruing the day they decided not to wear their retainer after orthodontic treatment as a teenager. A skilled cosmetic dentist can help to create the smile you have always dreamt of, whilst also making sure you remain in good oral health.

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Although tooth loss is often associated with getting older, it is by no means a given. Improvements in oral care mean that more and more older people are keeping their natural teeth because they are well looked-after.

Should you need a tooth replacement at any age, there are a wide range of solutions available from your dentist, including bridgework, dental implants, and dentures.