The Aseptic Technique: Ways to Prevent Infection in the Operating Room

Prevent Infection in the Operating RoomOne of the cleanest parts of the hospital should always be the operating room. It is where doctors and surgeons conduct various types of surgeries, from minor to major ones. That is why this place should be clean and free from potentially-harmful germs and microorganisms.

When a patient undergoes surgery, he or she is at risk of infection because the procedure entails slicing into the body to remove a part of the body, a tumour or a foreign body. So, it’s important to practice the aseptic technique.

What’s the Aseptic Technique?

Aseptic technique is a set of practices performed under carefully controlled conditions. The purpose of this technique is top maximise and maintain the absence of pathogenic organisms in the operating room. This is to prevent the contamination of disease-causing microorganisms.

These practices are used to clean, sanitise and disinfect materials, equipment, tools and even clothes used inside the operating room. Other clinical settings that use the aseptic technique are delivery rooms, diagnostic rooms and rooms that offer special procedures.

What are the Roles of an Operating Room Nurse?

The role of the operating room nurse is extremely important. They are considered the captain of the ship, or the operating room in this case. They often make sure the aseptic technique is followed throughout the procedure. Moreover, they are required, including surgeons, to be dressed properly with sanitised materials and clothes. Scrub suits, surgical gowns and operating theatre shoes are used to ensure that all personnel are clean and free from germs.

These are important information in understanding the importance of maintaining the aseptic technique. These are just a few of the many principles and standards the operating team members should follow. Each one has a purpose in preventing the spread of infection and contamination of patients as well as instruments.

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