Teeth Straightening The Subtle Way

Clear bracesCrooked, crowded or spaced out teeth come with several downsides beyond the obvious cosmetic impact. With more space for plaque to accumulate, patients with teeth that aren’t straight can be more prone to developing tooth decay and gum disease. When the teeth don’t meet up together properly, uneven wear can result, which means some teeth may become more prone to damage than others. It is therefore not surprising that many patients would like to have their teeth straightened. However some patients, particularly adults, are put off by the idea of wearing unsightly fixed metal braces. Today there is an alternative in Buckinghamshire: clear braces.

Several practices offer clear braces in Buckinghamshire, including Garden View Dental Care. These braces allow self-conscious adults to enjoy the benefits of straighter teeth without drawing more attention to their teeth than they’d wish during their treatment.

Clear braces in Buckinghamshire: what are they?

Clear braces come in several different forms. The biggest difference from fixed metal braces being that they are either clear or tooth-coloured in appearance. Six Month Smiles, for example, is a fixed form of clear braces in Buckinghamshire that uses clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires. What’s more, the brackets themselves are smaller than those used for traditional metal braces. The end result is braces that blend into the background of the patient’s teeth, rather than dominating them. Six Month Smiles in particular can straighten teeth, as the name suggests, in around just six months on average.

Some clear braces are even removable, making mealtimes and daily oral hygiene less of a chore during treatment.

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Are clear braces in Buckinghamshire right for everyone?

Whether a certain type of braces is appropriate for a particular patient depends on the severity of their misalignment. The best way to find out if clear braces will be effective is therefore to seek help from a dentist and go in for a consultation. During this consultation, the patient’s mouth, teeth and gums will be thoroughly examined and x-rays may be taken. After a discussion of treatment options, times and costs, a decision can be reached together with the dentist.