Teenagers and the Orthodontist in Harley Street

When someone is referred to an orthodontist in Harley Street, it is because they have problems with the alignment of their teeth. This might also include referred issues like pain or damage to the teeth. This is particularly common among children and teenagers as they gain their adult teeth. There are various qualities that people can look for in a dental practice to ensure that their children are getting an orthodontic services that is supportive of their particular needs.

Continuity of care

Ideally, it’s great to find a dentist that offers a range of routine and other services that also has an orthodontist or two on the team, like Harley Street Dental Clinic. This means that patients can have all their dental needs met in one place. They may work with a regular dentist who then refers them at need to the orthodontist in Harley Street at the same clinic. The flow of patient information occurs in-house so it is more likely that someone’s needs will be met.

It might be particularly important for a teenager to experience continuity because they are likely to be more relaxed in an environment they are already familiar with. This means they can be open about their feelings around their orthodontic treatment and feel free to ask any questions.

Awareness of the impact of treatment

Teenagers may want to have straight teeth but they are also likely to be worried about the impact of treatment. These concerns might include:

Pain – it is common for people to think that braces are painful. It is important for the orthodontist in Harley Street to talk to a teenager about this because they are likely to experience some discomfort but it will probably not be as difficult as they might think. There are also some ways to make it feel better while waiting for the effects to subside which should happen within a week to three weeks;

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Appearance – most teenagers will be fitted with traditional metal braces and they might worry about how this will affect the way they look. These can be customised with coloured elastics to create more positive feelings about the equipment. Sometimes, it is possible to use invisible braces to address the issue.