Taking Care at The Dentist in Kings Hill

a woman at the dentistGoing to the dentist for a dental check-up isn’t exactly a trip to the spa, but it’s very important. Considering how vital it is that the teeth and gums are checked, it’s worth that trip once or twice a year to help give peace of mind that everything is dandy, and if not, get people’s dental health back on track.

A dentist can spot dental disease sooner than most patients. Going to a dentist in Kings Hill, such as One Smile Oral Care, ensures that if there are any signs of gum disease, tooth decay or oral cancer, these are spotted and tackled at an early stage. Cancers of the throat and mouth can spread quickly, so it is very important not to miss out on check-ups and screenings.

The Sooner The Better

If troubling dental problems are not spotted early on, as soon as they are detected they will need to be treated pronto. Gum disease is much more simply solved with a trip to the hygienist and some oral health advice, than later on when it has caused damage to the underlying jawbone and perhaps even resulted in tooth loss.

Putting off treatment won’t accomplish anything, it will just allow disease to get worse and end up costing more time and money.

More Reasons to Go to The Dentist in Kings Hill

If dental health reasons aren’t enough, how about beauty? Maybe a trip to the dentist can be compared to a spa day after all. Poor dental health usually leaves the teeth looking worse for wear. Regular check-ups mean good health and great smiles. What’s more, nowadays many dentists also offer a wide range of ways to brighten up the smile.

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If someone feels insecure about their gummy smile, or discoloured teeth there are ways to smarten up their smile and boost their confidence. These include gum reshaping, teeth whitening, and veneers.

Many dentists also look beyond the teeth and offer facial aesthetics such as Botox and dermal fillers. They offer a non-judgemental environment in which anyone can talk about their insecurities and together look at a solution that best suits them.