Style Salon 101: Guide in Buying Your Chairs

a salon businessWomen go to salons to pamper themselves and enjoy their little “me-time” or some time off with their friends. Thus, quality service and comfort are of prime importance. While service is something that can be learned and improved, comfort is something that you should invest in at the beginning and from time to time.

Salon beauty chairs and other types of tools used in the shop should be ergonomic for both the client and the staff. However, business owners often overlook the need to invest in a good one for a variety of reasons.

To prevent this from happening, here are some things you ought to consider before purchasing your salon chairs.

Function and purpose

The chair a hairstylist uses when cutting or styling is different from that of the client. It is also very different from the chair used to wash the hair before styling. People doing manicure, pedicure and those who are enjoying their foot spa also have different levels of comfort needs.

The point is, knowing who will use the chair and for what purpose is very important when deciding which one to buy.


Regardless of whether you are the hairstylist, the assistant or the client, everyone should be comfortable with the chairs they are using. You should never compromise comfort levels when it comes to investing in beauty chairs.

Salon space and style

Your chair should match your salon theme and style. After all, beauty is your selling point, and your services should match your aesthetics. Also, consider how much space you can work with to choose the chairs that would fit.

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Do not forget to consider your budget. You can have a comfortable chair without overspending if you know where and how to look.

Always put comfort and quality as your priority when choosing chairs for your beauty salon. It will be an investment that is definitely worth making.