Stop Nicking Yourself with a Shaver: Go for Wax Instead

hair waxingA lot of people have unwanted body hair. To make things worse, there are many places wherein these strands grow out from, including the underarms, bikini, legs, and the above the upper lip. Try as they might through shaving razors though, the hair just keeps growing back. And there’s also the numerous risks that comes with using these bladed devices, such as nicks, skin irritation, and other accidents.

Its’ for these reasons and more that you should already consider making the switch to waxing. points out the various benefits and advantages of opting for this hair removal technique over shaving.

Reduced risks of scar-causing, sore injuries

It’s counterintuitive to want smooth legs or underarms if you’re only putting your skin at the risk of injuries that aren’t just painful, but can also cause unsightly long-term markings. Every time you shave – or even tweeze – you can suffer from these skin damages.

Waxing, on the other hand, puts you at little to no risk of injuring yourself. You don’t have to worry about nicks, since the process doesn’t require the use of blades to get rid of your unwanted hair.

Effects that keep your skin smoother for a longer time

As someone who has shaved for quite some time now, you know that the hair grows back in as little as a day. You’d have to go through the entire process again if not the next day, then the day after. All those minutes quickly add up, and that’s time you can’t get back.

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The effects of waxing, on the other hand, last for a longer time. This is primarily due to the process pulling the roots of the hair, and not just the superficial part. This thorough removal of the roots allows you to enjoy smoother skin for several weeks.

These are just some of the many other pros of waxing over shaving and tweezing. Yes, you would have to invest a bit more, but the extra cost easily outweighs these benefits.