How to Stop Dental Phobia

Girl worried about her dental consultationThe very thought of visiting the dentist can cause distress to a lot of people. Whether the result of a bad experience from the past, or fear of the needle, dental phobia is a serious condition that can affect a patient’s oral health and wellbeing.

People with dental phobia may realise that their teeth are in bad shape, but allow their uneasiness about visiting the dentist to prevail. Truth is that modern dentistry is not so painful and visiting a well-trained dentist for nervous patients in London, like Care Dental Platinum, can take all the stress away.

Common Causes of Dental Phobia

Dental anxiety can stem from a lot of things and different people experience different types of phobia. Patients who were forced to visit the dentist as children or have painful memories from previous treatments, are less likely to visit the dentist regularly. Likewise, patients who are afraid of the dental drill or other dental tools, are also less likely to plan a dental appointment. Some people may even avoid the dentist because their teeth are in bad shape and they feel image-conscious. All these problems can be fixed by scheduling an appointment with a dentist for nervous patients in London.

What is the best way to overcome dental fear?

Here are a few ways a dentist can adopt in order to help patients feel less intimidated while in the dentist’s chair:

  • Talk about anxiety and other dental fears prior to the treatment;
  • Talk about sedation techniques;
  • Allow the patients to have some degree of control during treatment;
  • Communicate with the patients throughout the treatment;
  • Use music, visual aids or other distractive techniques;
  • Use pain-free dental tools and technology;
  • Prescribe medication to alleviate pain after the treatment.
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When dealing with children it is really important to prepare them for the treatment and encourage patients to condition them at home. Parents are also encouraged not to project their dental fears on their children, as children are more likely to feel anxious about unfamiliar things.

Visiting a dentist for nervous patients in London and having a first-hand experience, will make them feel safe and relaxed.