Stable and durable new teeth

Woman with dental implantsIn Orpington, dental implants are used as highly effective replacements for missing teeth. There are various ways a person can lose teeth, from accidents while playing sports to gradual decay over many years. Dental implants look and function like natural teeth, so the person receiving them regains the simple pleasures of hassle-free dining and oral care. There is no need to rely on adhesives to keep the new teeth in place, and no worry that they’ll drop out of the mouth at the dinner table.

For patients of contemporary dental practices, like Orpington Dental Care in Orpington, dental implants are a popular and rewarding tooth-loss solution.

The process

It can take a few months for the patient to receive their dental implants in Orpington. The experience begins with a detailed consultation between the patient and the dental team. As well as healthy teeth and gums, the patient has to have sufficient bone density before treatment can begin. Some preliminary work may be needed to achieve this.

Precise measurements of the patient’s teeth are taken, and a meticulous treatment plan is produced. Then there’s a minor surgical procedure, in which the dentist places small metal posts into the patient’s jawbone. After a period of healing, the patient returns to the practice to have the replacement teeth affixed to the implanted posts.

The health and life benefits of Orpington dental implants

The patient’s new teeth have cosmetic as well as oral health advantages:

  • They look and feel like natural teeth, and are easy to clean;
  • The jawbone forms a secure bond with the implanted posts, anchoring the new teeth in the mouth. The patient can bite into their favourite foods without worrying whether the teeth will stay in place;
  • Talking can feel smoother because some words will be easier to pronounce;
  • The patient’s facial bone structure will retain its integrity. The deterioration that can happen after tooth loss, leading to a sunken face, will be avoided.
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Effective future

Orpington dental implants offer a significant increase in overall comfort and confidence. If the new teeth are properly cared for, these benefits will last for many years.