Selecting Swimwear According to Body Type

Woman in her bikiniSummer is fast approaching, and the fashion world is incredible particularly on swimwear options. Unfortunately, a majority of people select particular swimsuits to fix or hide specific areas that they do not love about their bodies.

Swimsuits should be fun to purchase, and they should enhance your body and make you feel good. For you to buy swimsuits online, you need first to understand your body shape. This article highlights swimsuit options suitable for various types of body shapes.

Pear Shape

If your backside and your hips are wider than your shoulders, then you are a pear shape. As such, you need to balance your body with a mix and match bikini wear. Select patterns that are plain and dark colored at the bottom and have brighter details on the top such that the eye attention will be at the top. Additionally, a halterneck swimsuit will give an illusion of broad shoulders hence evening out with your hip size.

Apple Shape

If the top side of your body—the torso, shoulders, and bust —is heavier than the rest of the lower body, you have an apple shape. Therefore, you need to highlight the bottom part particularly your legs, by wearing a high cut bottom with tummy shapers. Tankinis are awesome in fixing untoned tums and muffin tops. Also, dark colored and solid swimsuits give you a lean silhouette.

Athletic Body Shape

If you have a tiny waist, average hips, and wide shoulders, then you are the athletic body shape. With this type, you need to shift focus from your broad shoulders to the bottoms. As such, wear brightly patterned bikini bottom since they draw attention to your waist and hips.

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While at it, apart from sun basking keep in mind other activities that you will be taking part in. If you love water sports such as surfing, swimming, or paddle boarding, ensure you get a functional swimwear for your activities. For instance, you could go for a comfortably fitting brief and a double-strapped top for a sporty day at the beach.