Sedation Options for Patients Who Feel Nervous about Dental Implants in North London

a woman undergoing dental implant procedureDental implants are a viable tooth replacement option, but what if fear of the dentist is the reason patients have lost their teeth in the first place? Dental phobia is a very common condition and nothing to be embarrassed about. A lot of patients struggle for years to go to the dentist, and this is often due to bad dental experiences or the possibility of pain.

A good dentist, such as those at Adams Dental in North London, will provide the patient with opportunities to get to know them and understand their anxieties about dental implants in North London. Even the most anxious patients respond to a caring approach and are able to collaborate with the dentist to make improvements to their dental health and appearance, which they never thought possible.

For lengthier, more complex treatments such as dental implants, dentists can provide various sedation options to reduce anxiety and make patients feel comfortable, with little memory of any treatment carried out.

Oral sedation

Oral sedation is ideal for patients who only need a little help prior to getting dental implants in North London. Relaxants in the form of pills taken before the operation can take the edge off the treatment and are enough for nervous patients to go through the operation without problems. Oral sedation is always combined with local anaesthesia to ensure maximum comfort.

IV sedation

For those patients who are very nervous about dental implants in North London, IV sedation may be more suitable. This involves the use of a powerful sedative that is delivered through the bloodstream, providing a more profound reduction in anxiety. IV sedation is very effective, because it eliminates most, if not all, memory of the operation. However, the patient will still be able to communicate with the dentist throughout the procedure.

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IV sedation is very safe, but patients need to bring an escort in order to accompany them until they have recovered several hours later. Anyone in good health is a good candidate for IV sedation, provided they are not afraid of needles. IV sedation can allow even the most nervous patients to have dental implants in North London uneventfully.