Routine Commercial Landscaping: A Must-Have for Better Site Security

Man trimming the plantBusinesses use landscaping to create a good impression on potential customers. As a result, businesses turn to commercial lawn maintenance services to spruce up their property by keeping the grass short and weeds at bay.

More than improving a property’s overall aesthetics, however, routine landscaping also enhances site safety. For instance, neglected trees can cause serious property damage if a branch falls onto a structure. Overgrown weeds, meanwhile, could present a trip hazard or become a possible breeding ground for rodents.

With regular landscaping, businesses can make their property safer for pedestrians and surrounding structures.

Safe Traffic and Pedestrian Flow

A properly designed landscape with walkway shrubs and well-placed arbors can direct pedestrian flow and make it easier for visitors to find building entrances. As a result, it is essential that businesses keep frequently visited areas free of low tree limbs, overgrown shrubs, plant stumps, and other possible tripping hazards.

Better Drainage and Run-Off Flows

Clean and green commercial lawnAfter a storm, there might be too much runoff water that the area’s drainage system can’t keep up. This will result in muddy walks or flooded driveways and parking lots. With proper landscaping in your commercial area naturally absorbing the rainwater, business owners can ensure better drainage and run-off flows.

Lower Crime Rates

Adding a green space to your commercial property can also ward off suspicious activity. Previous research shows that trees can help prevent crime by signaling to potential criminals they’re in an occupied territory. In fact, after embarking on a project to convert empty lots and abandoned buildings to green spaces from 2010-2014, Ohio city officials noticed a sharp reduction in crime rates in the city.

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Enhanced Visibility

Properties often have shrubs and bushes around car parks to enhance visual appeal. Failing to keep them properly maintained, however, reduces road visibility for drivers and pedestrians. Landscapers can address the issue by trimming shrub and tree growths,so they don’t pose a traffic hazard.

High-quality landscape management for commercial property can improve customer perception as well as increase site security. Aesthetics and security go together in ensuring optimal property safety.