Research Suggests Sense of Purpose Helps Us Sleep Better

Woman sleeping comfortablyA new study suggests that if you find it hard to sleep well every night, you may not have a good reason to get out of bed the next day.

Scientists from the US claimed that people should develop a sense of purpose that will drive them to wake up and start a new day. Researchers from the Northwestern University in Chicago based their findings from a study of more than 800 people between 60 and 100 years old.

A meaningful Life

Lead researcher Jason Ong said that participants in the study with the most meaningful lives had less chances of experiencing sleep apnea. By finding a purpose in your life, you can eliminate the need to use sleeping pills before going to bed, Ong said.

While medicine does help in addressing insomnia, a natural approach often serves as the best way to solve any sleep-related concerns. A drug-free strategy is particularly helpful, as insomnia and other sleeping disorders become more common among senior citizens.

Other Alternatives

If you feel that motivation to live and a sense of purpose still prevent you from sleeping soundly through the night, consider other alternatives. Copper Loom agrees that what you use in the bedroom also plays an important role, so you should check if it’s time to buy new supplies, such a coverlet or a quilt cover for sale.

Online channels have made it easier to buy these materials, especially if you don’t have time to visit the store. Some other alternatives for a good night’s sleep include the avoidance of caffeinated beverages and eating a heavy meal before bedtime.

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A good night’s sleep may seem like a luxury for many. While we have different reasons for not getting any quality shut-eye, it’s important to think of a reason that will encourage us to look forward to waking up on the next day.