Reasons to Update Your Thermostat This Summer

someone using the thermostatHaving a reliable air conditioner makes living comfortably easier for you and your family at home. It does cost quite a bit more to run, especially during summer and that means you’ll need to make thermostat adjustments.

One simple solution is to upgrade your thermostat. While this is not responsible for the actual energy consumption, you can at least gain more control over your usage. If you’re scheduling an AC repair in Salt Lake City, you might as well get a new thermostat with advanced programming features to help your unit run more efficiently, suggests Whipple Service Champions.

Thermostat Update​

Many homeowners install brand-new air conditioners or upgrade their old units without ever updating the thermostat. Thermostats tend to be universal, and they come in a variety of models and brands, but a basic unit just won’t do the trick if you want a more efficient air conditioner.

Manual thermostats without any programming options often stay at the same temperature for hours. People who forget to update the settings when they sleep or go out leave the air conditioner running for long periods. This can significantly increase your utility bills. When you upgrade to a smart thermostat, you get a chance to start over with comfort and energy efficiency in your home.

The Ultimate Upgrade: A Wi-Fi Thermostat​

Wi-Fi thermostats allow you to control your home’s climate remotely. The unit connects to your home Wi-Fi and communicates information through an application, which you can download on your tablet or smartphone. Whether you’re at work or on a trip, you can check the temperature and make the necessary adjustments.

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Shutting off the air conditioner completely or raising the temperature for prolonged periods to save energy could make your family less comfortable in the hot, humid days. With a smart thermostat, you can set the right temperature and schedule even when you’re not at home.