Proven Benefits of Different Dead Sea Minerals on the Skin

Beautiful womanPeople of all ages and genders around the world yearn for flawless skin. Hence, various cosmetic companies have come up with beauty products that promise to make this dream a reality. However, with the rising use of harmful chemicals such as beta hydroxy acid or BHA, triclosan, and parabens, getting a natural skin care product is the ideal solution.

Companies such as Kedma Cosmetics supply natural cosmetics for clients in the Philippines. The line of skin care products from these companies contains Dead Sea minerals, which have been proven through numerous studies to confer different skin care benefits. Here are some of these minerals with their benefits.


This mineral has been shown to improve the regeneration of skin cells, shed old skin, and regulate the essential functions of your skin. Calcium also soothes skin and cleanses its pores while strengthening the cell membranes, thus contributing to improved blood circulation in the skin. Several studies have recently even linked it to the prevention of skin cancer.


The Dead Sea’s magnesium concentration is approximately fifteen times higher than that of other seas. This mineral is hypoallergenic and particularly beneficial in susceptible individuals who experience breakouts from different triggers. Magnesium also cleanses your skin while accelerating cellular metabolism, thus reducing fine lines and wrinkles.


If you are battling a regular flare-up of psoriasis, acne, and abnormally dry skin, you might be suffering from potassium deficiency. Potassium maintains and stimulates muscle contractions and nerve signals that maintain water balance. Potassium also helps cells to expel waste products and absorb nourishment.

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The skin is your body’s largest organ. From the above tidbits, you now appreciate that natural minerals can solve most of the issues people have with their skin. Rather than paying for expensive surgeries and treatments, get a skincare product with these Dead Sea minerals and more and see the significant boost in your skin’s health.