Pontoon Boats: The 3 Main Designs

Red Pontoon BoatBoats are an essential commodity in today’s world. More and more people realize the benefits of boating and taking up a range of water sports. The most popular boat for serious boaters is the pontoon.

This is because it is easy to use and dock, has ample storage and is inexpensive to buy and insure. Among the key factors boaters should consider when purchasing pontoon boats in Michigan is their design. Here are the three common designs.

U-Shaped Foam-Filled Boats

These boats have foam-filled logs renowned for safety due to the surplus flotation system they create. The logs also drive down manufacturing costs, and hence these boats are typically cheaper compared to others. U-shaped pontoons, however, have a narrow width, which affects their ability to displace water. This results in your pontoon sitting lower in water, increasing your chances of hitting submerged obstructions and reduces your fuel economy.

Round Pontoons with One Chamber

Round pontoons are generally the strongest boats you can get. Their shape allows the boat to weigh more and displace more water compared to a U-shaped pontoon. Most round pontoons with one chamber have a drain plug in the rear, which allows drainage of accumulated or condensed water. The main drawback of the single-chambered round pontoon is the accumulation of water along its whole length if hulled.

Round Pontoons with Individual Chambers

These include not less than three separate airtight chambers in each boat. Should you hull your pontoon, water only accumulates in the damaged chamber. The only way to drain water, however, is through a small plug located above the chamber. This is cumbersome in most cases and slow for substantial water amounts.

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From the above tidbits, you will appreciate the fact that your boat’s design is essential. It influences its cost, safety, and operation in various ways. When shopping for your boat, therefore, discuss your design options with the dealer to ensure you make the right choice.