Planning Guide for Indoor Team Building

smiling employeesIt’s now easy to think of a team-building theme with all those ideas suggested online. However, you still need to plan it since there are many other things to consider for an indoor team building event. Here are some preparation tips from Edison’s Entertainment Complex, an events space in Illinois, that you’d find useful.

Choosing the Location

For your convenience, choose a location that has access to public transportation. No one wants to spend the night at the venue or drive home while intoxicated. Keep in mind, too, that people are coming from different areas.

Therefore, the location should be somewhere in the middle of everyone’s origin. A good example is a place that is near the office.

Choosing the Venue

The venue does not have to be big, but it should be spacious enough to accommodate all of you and your equipment. Consider also the vibe of the environment and see if it fits your team building theme.

Some spaces feature onsite recreational attractions, while others provide additional services, such as equipment rental and catering services. When choosing the venue, do not forget to include small but important details, such as parking space, designated smoking areas, and so forth.

Planning the Flow of Activities

You have limited time when you rent an events space, and the last thing you’d want is to pay for extra hours. So plan the flow of activities before the big day. Should everyone eat before the games? Will there be opening and closing speeches?

List down the activities for the day and estimate the time you’d render for each of these to avoid having to extend your venue rental.

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Sending Invites

Inform everyone by sending an invitation. Do include in your invitation the time, date, and location as well as attire requirement if there’s any.

Planning an indoor team building activity should not be stressful if you start early and follow these preparation tips.