Planning an Intimate Wedding Proposal

An Engaged CoupleEngagement rings. They are the embodiment of your promise to marry the girl of your dreams. You spend a lot of time deciding on the cut and type of ring to get. You're even willing to spend so much for it. But popping the question is not just about a fancy ring. You also want it to be a meaningful day, one that your loved one will remember dearly. 

Here are some tips to make your proposal a great one: 

Pop the Question at a Memorable Place 

Nothing is better than walking down memory lane together. Even before you look at engagement rings from Utah's jewelers like AAA Jewelers, you should already be planning for the proposal. Take her to a place that's special for the two of you and take out the ring before the night's done. Go back to where you met or where you had your first date. If it's impossible to go back, you can recreate the atmosphere and show her how much effort you've put into it. More importantly, show her how fondly you remember that memorable night. 

Write a Letter 

Some prepare a speech, but let's be honest, it's difficult to come up with words when you're nervous about her response. Be prepared with a letter that you can give her together with a bouquet or the ring itself. It doesn't have to be poetic. Just be true to yourself. She'll hear your voice while reading the letter in her mind, and she'll know you mean every word of it. 

Do It in Private 

Some spend too much on the theatrics of a wedding proposal that they forget what it's supposed to be about: it's supposed to be about the girl and you showing her your intention to marry her. Give her a comfortable atmosphere so that if she feels overwhelmed by the occasion, she can cry without worrying about how she'll look. 

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Yes, grand proposals are romantic when you see them on video, but you don't have to go big if it will strain your finances. Making it intimate works just as well.