Old World Dentistry: Good Thing Progress Came

DentistModern dentistry has allowed people to get the best set of straight, white teeth. Whether it is to correct a problem or simply for aesthetic purposes, modern dentistry now has all the answers to your dental issues. It just makes you think how people in the past tried to cope with dental problems as simple as a toothache.

When you lose a tooth to decay these days, you can simply get dental implants as replacements, says Monkmoor Dental Practice. You may have wondered how dentists solved this problem when implants did not exist back then. There are two ways how people used to go about this issue at the time.

Most People Didn’t Have To

Sugar only became popular in a few decades ago. In medieval times, most people only used sugar sparingly because it is expensive back then. They use sugar substitutes such as honey more commonly which is also the healthier choice. In fact, the diet of most medieval people is rich in dairy and vegetables. Their choice in food is what most dentists of today recommend for a better dental health. Sugar is the number one cause of tooth decay and excessive consumption of it can lead to frequent toothaches.

No Other Choice But to Extract

When sugar became popular, it did lead to more cases of toothaches. Common people went to barbers or blacksmiths to assist them in teeth pulling. The solution people had back then for a toothache is to remove them forcibly. Some charlatans took advantage of the situation offering fraudulent options that were still painful. Even royal families were not spared from the problem but at least the elite had access to the first designs of false teeth. This paved the way for modern dentistry as people saw the need for aesthetically pleasing and healthy set of teeth.

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Consider yourself lucky you did not have to experience toothache hundreds of years ago.