Not Having Implant Treatment is Taking a Risk on Your Health

Dental Implants in Walsall Tooth loss and infection are two of the most common dental problems in Walsall today, and dental implant surgery is one option to address them. Dental implant costs may be expensive to most people, but they are far more affordable than the cost of infected or missing teeth – your health.

Bargaining on your oral health and ignoring tooth loss and infection will increase your risk for systemic health issues, which are not only burdensome financially but may also be fatal.

How Do Implants Address Missing Teeth?

Unknown to many, an important function of the natural teeth is the stimulation of the bone and gum tissue. When an area in this tissue is missing a tooth root, it is no longer used as it was intended to.

As a consequence, the area will deteriorate from lack of use, exposing you to risks such as gum disease, bone loss and premature ageing. To combat this, dental implants aid in the form and function of your gum and bone tissue by acting as natural tooth roots.

How Does an Implant Address Infected Teeth?

If natural teeth become loose, it is often a sign of a problem in the gums and/or bone, which may be an infection.

When teeth become infected, it puts you at risk of not only oral health issues but also major problems in other systems of the body. These include heart attack, stroke, diabetes complications, liver infection and meningitis.

Once your dentist recommends extraction of the infected teeth, it must be followed through or there will be serious consequences on your body and eventually, your overall quality of life. This is where dental implants play an important role, not only as teeth replacement but also, as previously mentioned, as supporters of the restoration of the tooth function.

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While this is enough reason to choose dental implants, you also have to consider its immediate effect: increasing confidence in your smile and day-to-day comfort. Given these benefits, implants prove to be a comprehensive treatment that restores your oral health and overall quality of life.