It’s Never Too Late For Lovely Straight Teeth

Woman getting dental treatmentPeople who were once teenagers with only slightly wonky teeth probably got told by their dentist that their teeth could not be straightened on the NHS. This is because the NHS only funds serious bite issues and not problems that are only cosmetic. Many have grown up thinking it’s now too late to get their teeth straightened, but in fact, it never is, and it can even be done very discreetly, with Invisalign in Harley Street.

In Harley Street, Invisalign is a completely different way of aligning teeth. Many dentists, such as those at Harley Street Dental Clinic have now trained in this increasingly popularsystem for straightening teeth.


Invisalign is nothing like traditional metal track-track bracket and wire systems. Patients do not have to have brackets fixed to their teeth for months, maybe years, on end, creating sore patches inside the mouth, and no end of embarrassment at having a highly visible mouth full of metal.

Instead Invisalign in Harley Street is so discreet that although the patient will know they are wearing an aligner, it’s very unlikely anyone they are with will spot it.

Invisalign Treatment

Every treatment journey with begins with an initial consultation with an Invisalign-accredited dentist. The dentist will make sure the system is suitable for the alignment issues. Invisalign pushes rather than pulls the teeth into alignment. Digital scans of the teeth are fed into a programme to create a computer model of how the teeth will look at the end of treatment. The model also shows how the teeth will move into a position that creates a beautiful smile.

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All the information gets sent off to the Invisalign laboratory in the United States. The lab manufactures a series of custom-fit trays, each one marking one step along the route that your teeth will take to reach alignment. The trays are made of rigid, transparent thermoplastic resin. At 0.3mm thickness, people have to be really close to the wearer to even notice the aligners.

Patients need to wear each tray for 7-10 days. The carefully placed pressure points gently nudge the teeth along to the next position. When the pressure wears off, it’s time to wear the next tray.