Making Smiles Brighter

Earn a brighter smile with good dental hygieneWhen people need to get trim, they turn to a personal trainer at the gym. When they need a new look, they may turn to their hairdresser for a cut and styling tips. Looking good takes some work. One often-overlooked aspect of looking great is the smile. Creating a winning smile takes work too. It starts with good dental hygiene at home and regular dental check-ups with the dentist in Stevenage.

A dentist in Stevenage, such as Smilecraft, can help patients get the basics right, with advice on how to clean their teeth properly, what foods to avoid to improve their oral health and suggestions on how to improve the appearance of their smile. That’s right, a dentist in Stevenage isn’t just there to treat dental disease, cosmetic dentistry is also part of their skillset. Here are a few of the services on offer:

Straighter teeth

Teeth straightening isn’t just for teenagers with severe bite and misalignment issues. Modern braces, such as Six Month Smiles, which are more discreet, comfortable and compact in design than traditional fixed braces, mean adults with mild-to-moderate misalignments of their teeth can get straighter teeth without compromising on their appearance during treatment.

Discreet fillings

If old, glinting amalgam fillings are ruining a perfectly good smile, patients can opt for white fillings. Made from a composite material that is tooth coloured, these fillings blend into the teeth and are just as strong and durable as amalgam.

Imperfections disguised

Porcelain veneers can camouflage a wide array of dental imperfections, from misshapen teeth to stained, chipped or slightly wonky teeth. This is because these porcelain sheaths can be customised to match the size, colour and shape requirements of each patient.

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Teeth whitening

Surface stains and discolouration caused by smoking and eating or drinking highly pigmented foods and beverages can leave teeth looking worse for wear. Patients can get back the natural gleam of their teeth with teeth whitening. This must always be carried out by a dental professional. A dentist in Stevenage will make sure the whitening agent is correctly applied to prevent damage to the gums and surrounding oral tissues.