Making a New Home

Woman consulting a immigration solicitorAdopting a new home country is a huge decision and there are many reasons why someone may want to change their citizenship. It may be that they have found meaningful and fulfilling work there that isn’t open to them in their country of origin, or that they studied in that country and loved it so much that they never left. Perhaps they originally came for a year or two then had children and their family life is now settled there. Maybe they fell in love with someone from this country and want to make it their home. Or it could be that the situation in their home country makes it impossible for them to return, for political or economic reasons, and they feel that now is time to fully settle in this new place.

To make sure the process runs smoothly, they will need to engage an immigration solicitor in London, such as those at Saracens Solicitors in the capital’s West End.

There are three different ways an immigration solicitor in London can help someone to settle on a long-term basis in the UK.

Visa extensions and further leave to remain

This may involve applying for a different category of visa than the client’s original application. For example, those who came to study and now want to work in the UK.

Indefinite leave to remain

This grants permanent residence in the UK with no immigration restrictions, so the holder of this visa can come and go from the country as they wish and doesn’t need to keep applying for top-up visas. This is often granted to those who have children who are UK citizens, or those who have worked here for many years. Each case is individual though, so an immigration solicitor in London can advise as to whether this applies.

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British citizenship

Applicants for citizenship need to have had indefinite leave to remain for at one year, and been resident in the UK for at least five years. This is a complex process that requires an immigration solicitor in London to represent the applicant to the Home Office. It includes taking a citizenship test.