How to Make Running and Exercising More Doable

woman runningFor some people, running and going to the gym can be a bit of a task. For fitness buffs, it is a time to relax as it usually is their hobby. Most people, including the ones that are into fitness and working out, get tired after just a bit of running and exercising.

Make sure to follow the form tips we have below the next time you visit a Woburn personal training studio for women to keep exercising and running easier.

Look Straight Ahead

When you are doing weights, working on the treadmill, or running outside, the best form of your head would be to keep it straight. Fix your eyes on a certain thing while you are running or lifting to prevent yourself from being distracted. This way, you’ll do more and end up with an uninterrupted routine.

Relax your Muscles

Well, not entirely, as you still need them to workout and run. Make a poker face and make sure to relax your muscles to be able to continue working out and running. Scowling keeps your muscle tense, which can interrupt your pace when running.

This also helps keep you away from muscle tension and soreness.

Follow a Certain Angle

This one is for running on the treadmill or outside. Before running, proceed to bend your arms at a 90-degree angle then drive your elbow straight back. You can then pump your hands forward and up, making sure that they are in line with your chest.

This is a great tip to follow if you want to increase your turnover speed.

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Let those Fists Go

treadmill runningAgain, when on the treadmill, make sure to release your grip and let those fists go. Clenching them up can take up energy that is supposed to be spent on your knees and feet.

Remember to ask your trainer about the proper form to make your workout effective.