Low-key Romantic Ideas that are Not Cliché

Romantic IdeasLet’s face it: most of us are having a hard time putting together a decent yet romantic idea that’s not cliché. From giving a bouquet of flowers to women and giving free AFL passes to your man, it is often challenging to find the right surprise that will take their breath away.

Bearing that in mind, we are listing here a few romantic solutions to help you do something special for your beloved without being ordinary and outdated. If you were able to save up enough cash to do any of these surprises, then all you need to do is choose and plan ahead:

  1. Make a bottle of wine together. Not many people would mix their own bottle of wine and save it for drinking later. By doing so, you can not only share a glass of handcrafted wine, but also share moments that are a combination of bitterness and sweetness — making your relationship stronger.
  2. Take some time to go on a picnic in a nearby national park. Going on a picnic might not be the most original idea given that most baby boomers would enjoy low-key quality time together. However, spending a couple of minutes to drive up to the nearest national park and enjoying a blissful quiet time with your beloved without the distractions of social media allows you to rekindle your relationship and the moments you spent together.
  3. Serve a hearty breakfast in bed. With work demands, some couples find it difficult to wake up early in the morning to prepare a sumptuous meal for their spouse, or even for the whole family. Now that the weekends are finally here, make sure to serve a hearty breakfast for your loved one just before they open their eyes. You’ll be surprised by their reaction.
  4. Make your day even more special. Birthdays, boyfriend-girlfriend anniversaries and wedding anniversaries need not be too grand. If you want to spend quality time with your spouse on his or her special day, reserving an event space that has a rich historical background might be a good idea to reminisce how your relationship started. In Brisbane, there are event venues that have a history as rich as Queensland’s.
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Spending quality time with your loved ones need not come at the expense of your budget. Your romantic idea doesn’t have to be bedazzled with diamonds all the time — what matters most is the reason why you’re doing it, and how it will generally grow your relationship as a couple.