Look For A Better Smile

a girl visiting the dentistSome people aren’t lucky enough to look in the mirror and be content with their smile. This can be for various reasons, such as hereditary dental conditions or lack of a successful oral hygiene routine, all of which can become factors for a disappointing and unhappy smile.

According to the Oral Health Foundation, one in four British adults admitted to not brushing their teeth twice a day. In fact, one in 10 admitted to not regularly brushing their teeth. Are people thinking enough about the need for a successful and regular oral health routine? If not, maybe they should think about going to a dental clinic in W1 who can help, such as Harley Street Dental Clinic.

Overall well-being is affected significantly by our oral health. Having problems with our teeth can cause issues with basic everyday tasks, such as eating or talking. Missing or misaligned teeth will not just cause aesthetic problems, but also oral health issues. Suffering from a sunken face due to an unhealthy deteriorated jawbone is not a good look for anyone. As well as this, it will also have debilitating oral health repercussions.

Many people may think that it is now too late to reverse the damage done by years of neglect, let alone change the bad habits of a lifetime. Many people have discoloured teeth, are missing teeth or have other problems with teeth position or condition.

However, a reliable dental clinic in W1 can help rectify these problems. Visiting a reliable and respected dentist can be the first step towards significantly better oral health, as well as much improved confidence levels.

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What’s on offer?

A good dental clinic in W1 can offer a wide range of treatments to completely renovate and rejuvenate a tired or broken smile and help improve overall oral health.

This can range massively, varying from quick aesthetic fixes to extensive and complete overhauls of the structure of the mouth and teeth.

From a regular check-up or dental clean, all the way to a smile makeover, a dentist’s job is to ensure the teeth, mouth and jaw stay as healthy as possible for many years to come.