Let a Wedding Designer Assist in the Artistic Aspects

woman in wedding dress holding bouquet, standing in forestWeddings are an aesthetic feast. The trend nowadays is to have an underlying theme. Whereas before, what was important was that the wedding entourage was color coordinated, today’s weddings have to have an underlying theme and motif from start to finish.

For a wedding designer, Denver provides a natural backdrop for a wedding. This provides the bride and groom plenty of choices with regard to theme and a venue which fits the overall wedding flow.

Themes and Trends

The wedding designer is tasked to handle the aesthetic aspects of the wedding. This includes the design or overall idea for the dresses, the church and venue decorations, as well as the wedding cake and the entertainment. Wedding designers are usually licensed interior designers or fashion designers. They are trained to make good-looking dresses and venues.

Regarding the venue, indoor/outdoor venues are very popular. These are large spaces with plenty of windows, high ceilings, and natural lighting. The traditional hotels are secondary choices unless they also have large windows with a view.

Lights and Sounds

Technology is being pushed to the limit when it comes to lights and sounds. The use of drones in photography and videography has become a standard. This starts with the pre-nuptial videos, up to the wedding proper, and also during the reception.

In addition, same day edits have also become common and is now the standard video to end the reception, assuming that the party is still able to watch the video. At the same time, video mapping is getting to be popular. This is a technology which can map the reception space and throw colors onto designated areas. The mapping allows for different effects and designs on the floor in the form of different colors. With intelligent design, 3D effects over a 2D space can be achieved.

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A wedding designer can help with the various aesthetic elements of the wedding and the reception. They are certified or trained as interior designers or fashion designers, they understand how to create a complete theme for the wedding from the entourage’s dresses, to the venue’s stage design.