Lawn Maintenance—One of the Biggest Challenges for Property Managers Today

Man ready to do lawn maintenanceWith all the new apps and technology trends driving the real estate industry, you probably think that property managers now have an easier time fulfilling their job. But, a recent survey of 100 property management professionals across the country says otherwise. They still struggle to hire quality staff, reduce operating costs, increase occupancy rates, and worse of all, manage their time to complete their tasks – even the simplest ones such as lawn maintenance.

Why Well-Maintained Lawns Matter

The lawn of an apartment complex or a holiday home is one of the few things that tenants, guests, or potential renters notice first. Imagine a property’s front yard full of unruly, tall grass and weeds. These are not only unsightly, but can be deemed as safety hazards, as well. After all, they pose a welcoming environment for lawn pests and other dangerous animals, such as snakes and fire ants. With that hazard in mind, the current renters might get discouraged to renew their contracts and potential tenants would likely look elsewhere—and this means a loss in revenues for the property manager and the owner, as well.

Hiring a Commercial Landscaping Contractor is the Key

The task of cleaning the lawn and keeping it beautiful, of course, falls into the hands of property managers. They can hire in-house staff to do the job, but managing this team will be an additional task for an already huge pile of duties. Dealing with unexpected lawn or ground repairs on their own can be a daunting task for property managers, too. But, if there’s a commercial landscaping contractor providing them with regular maintenance services, they no longer have to worry much about their lawn. The property managers will, instead, have more time to deal with their other responsibilities.

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Lawn maintenanceBut, if it’s that easy, why do many property managers still fail at achieving a well-maintained lawn? Well, some of them have probably committed the following mistakes and ended up going back to their old ways:

  •  Not having a focused strategic lawn maintenance plan. Getting a-la-carte lawn services whenever you need them isn’t exactly a maintenance plan. Plus, it will likely cost you a lot, resulting in over-budget expenses. By contrast, if you hire a contractor that provides year-long commercial landscaping services in Downers Grove, you can adjust and set your budget accordingly.
  • Not implementing lawn care and tips. Commercial landscaping contractors visit your place every time to ensure you have a healthy, lush lawn. But, this doesn’t mean that you have zero responsibility for your front yard. Every visit, the lawn professionals will leave you a few simple lawn-care tips. If you want optimal results, make sure to implement those tips every day.
  • Not hiring the right contractor. Of course, if you hire a commercial lawn maintenance provider that fails to deliver, you will end up with a poorly-maintained lawn. So, it is crucial that you trust only the established, reputable contractors in your area.

If you’re a property manager, let trusted commercial lawn and landscaping contractors give you a hand. Let them take, at least, one issue off your table. Thus, you can focus more on the business and your tenants, which should have been your primary goal, anyway.