Keratin: The Ultimate in Restorative Hair Treatment

Hair TreatmentIn the race to keep up with the latest beauty trends, our hair can end up extremely damaged. Straightening, perms, highlights, and bleach can all build up over time and leave you with frizzy, rough hair. If you ever find yourself with damaged hair, consider getting a keratin treatment to restore some of its lost lustre.

Keratin treatment is available at modern salons like This treatment smoothens out your hair and removes some of the frizz, leaving you with straight, silky hair.

Natural Restoration

Keratin is a type of fibrous protein that you can find in the body. There are high concentrations of keratin found in the hair and the nails of humans, as well as the topmost layers of the skin. Due to damage and aging, hair may end up with lower levels of keratin, creating brittle, porous hair.

Porous hair may feel rough to the touch and easily frizz, making it more difficult to manage. It may also appear dull and lifeless.

Professional keratin treatments add additional keratin to the surface of the hair, bonding it using heat. The protein restores the keratin in the hair shaft without harming the roots or the follicles. This leaves the hair looking smoother, straighter, and more lustrous.

The Keratin Bonding Process

Though every salon has its own unique method of applying keratin, the treatment usually is broken down into four steps:

  1. Shampooing – The stylist washes the hair and shampoos it to remove any dirt and product that may interfere with the procedure. The hair is thoroughly dried afterwards.
  2. Keratin Application – The stylist applies keratin to the hair, covering each strand evenly. She covers the hair with a cap for about twenty minutes.
  3. Bonding – Once the hair absorbs the keratin, the stylist uses an iron to bond the keratin to the outer surface of the hair.
  4. Washing – Clients are asked to leave the salon with the keratin treatment still in their hair. They then wash out any remaining residue three days after treatment.
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Keratin is the ultimate in hair restoration. It uses a protein that is already found in the body, and restores the hair to its natural shine.