Jet Skiing Can Make You Healthier

BeachRiding a jet ski is full of fun and thrill. But did you know that it could make you healthier too? Health experts say that as long as you do it regularly, jet skiing is a great way to stay fit and healthy.

Here are a few health benefits of riding a jet ski:

  1. Improves Cardiovascular System

More than the adrenaline rush, riding this high-speed watercraft can give your cardiovascular system a great workout. In effect, you gain improved blood circulation. This leads to better transportation of oxygen and nutrients to tissues, as well as enhanced metabolic waste removal.

  1. Stronger Muscles

As what most jet ski rental shops in Deer Creek always say, you need to work your leg and arm muscles to keep the jet ski stable. In addition, you need to use your abdominal muscles to maintain the balance as you ride the waves. If you want stronger abs, legs, and arms, consider jet skiing regularly.

  1. Burns Calories

Most forms of exercise can help you burn calories. When driving a jet ski, you can burn 398 calories in one hour! As a matter of fact, you can burn more calories jet skiing than you do jogging or even horseback riding. This high amount of calorie burn is due to the number of body parts you use in the activity – core, hamstrings, and quads.

  1. Enhances Endurance

Experts say that if you do this water sports 30 minutes every day, you’ll experience an improvement in your endurance. Its effect is similar to what you can get from a regular cardio workout.

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Next time you’re at the beach, consider renting a jet ski to experience the kind of workout it can give you. And once you get the hang of it, try doing it on a regular basis!