Is a Locum Tenens Job Ideal For You?

Physicians ready for workLocum tenens jobs have become popular in the medical field in the past few years. After all, many hospitals or practices struggle with short staffing issues. Locum physicians or nurses substitute for and temporarily fulfill the duties of a medical professional that isn’t present at a particular moment; thus, they keep the hospital or practice from being short-staffed during a certain shift.

Yes, locum tenens jobs are beneficial for medical institutions, but do they benefit the workers, as well? Interim Physicians and other staffing firms share that this type of job is ideal for the following medical professionals:

Those Who Want to Have Their Own Work Schedule

Compared to being a hospital resident or a staff nurse, locum tenens jobs offer a more defined work schedule. You work as a substitute physician for nine hours today, and then you’re off.

You don’t have to stay at the hospital for 48 hours straight because you need to deal with other issues, such as administrative responsibilities, billing hassles, and obligations that come with being in a private practice or as an employed physician. Once a job is done, you can simply inform a staffing firm when you want to work again.

Those Who are on Their Pre-Retirement Years

Physicians who are about to retire can greatly benefit from locus tenens jobs, as well. If you’re planning to retire soon, you have the option to take a temporary job so you can keep your hands in the medical field without tiring yourself with overwhelming work hours and responsibilities.

Those Who are Beginning Their Medical Careers

A locum tenens job is an excellent way to start a career in medicine, according to Doctor Patrick Alguire, Senior Vice President of the American College of Physicians. In this type of job, you will likely find yourself in different medical environments—one day you’re in a huge hospital full of advanced equipment, the next day you’re on duty in a private practice in a rural area. These various opportunities can provide you with a practical education and experience you won’t get if you stay in the same hospital, all year round.

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Many medical professionals have already tried working at a locus tenens job, and they say a lot of good things about this opportunity. So, why don’t you try this for a day? After all, you can simply go back in a private practice or hospital if you find that it isn’t the best fit for you.