How Should You Use Thinning Shears?

Thinning scissorAre you sick and tired of your thick and curly hair? Do you want to chop it off or simply improve its looks but you do not have time to run to your favourite salon? Perhaps you may want to try a hairdressing thinning scissor. But let me tell you that improper use of this hair tool could be horrible.

To avoid hair disaster, here are some tips when using thinning scissors.

Don’t use thinning shears on wet hair

Wet hair is different from dry hair. Wet or damp hair clamp up. If you use thinning shears on damp hair, you will end up cutting more hair than you intend to. Dry your hair first before using thinning shears.

Comb or brush your hair very well

Come through your hair to remove the tangles until it is smooth. If you have thin hair, use a comb. If you have thick hair, a brush is most appropriate. Never use thinning shears on tangled hair. Doing so will lead to more hair removed than what is necessary.

Thin out your hair in parts

Section your hair then thin out a few strands. Check the mirror to find out if you need to remove more hair. Do the thinning gradually to prevent taking off a bulk of your hair, which could be disastrous. Hairdressing is a delicate job, but thinning scissors can make the process less complicated.

Test the look first before thinning out

Try wearing a wig with the hairstyle that you want to see how the style would look on you. If you look good, carry on. If you do not, you can still back out. Remember, once you cut your hair, you can never bring back the strands together.

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Consult your stylist

See your stylist and talk about your concerns. If possible, bring a picture of the hairstyle that you want. Ask for pointers or tips on how to do the procedure to avoid making mistakes.

There are various kinds of thinning shears for different purposes – chunking, texturising, finishing, and a lot more. With thinning scissors, you can achieve the hairstyle that you want. Just make sure to invest in the best-quality thinning shears that you can afford.

You can even find affordable items that hair professionals use.