How Every Guy Should Wear Plaid

A woman picking out clothes from her wardrobeYour wardrobe should be flexible to make mixing and matching a whole lot easier. It also allows you to make the most of every piece you have. If you are looking to add some more flexibility to your wardrobe, you might want to get a plaid shirt.

Why plaid shirt, you may ask. Over the years, plaid has always been the poster shirt for lumberjacks and grunge culture. Kurt Cobain, anyone? With a few tricks, you can make plaid cool and dressy.

So before you browse through Cinch clothing or other brands, check out the following tips on how you should dress up in plaid.

1. Layer it

While you can wear plaid shirts on its own, you might want to give it a spin by mixing it with other pieces of clothing. For that mall look, you can go for a thick plaid over a grey shirt. Note that the safest colors you can go for inside shirts are neutral, such as white and grey.

If you’re going for a thinner plaid textile, wear over it an anorak or a shawl cardigan.

2. Make it dressy

If you want to make plaid a whole lot dressier, you can go for thinner textiles and wear a blazer over your shirt. Add a preppy look with a tie, but if you want to be casual, a knitted tie will do.

The safest color you can use for your blazers navy blue or grey. Give your blazer texture by using flannel or tweed.

3. Get the right pants

The pants will depend on the mode of dressing you are aiming for. For smart casuals, your chinos and flannel will never let you down. Khakis and jeans help you up your mall look. Don’t forget to finish your ensemble with a pair of slick shoes.

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Wearing plaid shirts should not be difficult. Look for inspiration by going through look books and magazines.