Healthy and happy smiles

Woman smiling with beautiful teethThere are many more reasons to visit the dentist today than there was in the past. Visiting the dentist used to be about looking after the health of the patient’s teeth; now there are treatments to make them look as good as they feel and bring out the natural beauty in the patient’s smile.

Practices in Kent, like One Smile Oral Care, can offer a wide range of treatments, from regular check-ups to teeth whitening. The West Malling dentist offers a complete dental experience for its patients.

The West Malling dentist: taking care of people’s teeth

The most common appointment at the dentist in West Malling is the routine check-up. Check-ups are vital to ensuring that the patient’s teeth are staying healthy and that they are being looked after correctly.

The dentist will check for signs of tooth decay, gum disease and other oral health issues. The patient is encouraged to discuss their oral hygiene routine and see if there are any improvements that can be made.

If there are any problems that need remedial treatments, then the dentist can book the patient in promptly before the issue develops into something more serious.

Another area that the dentist can help with is teeth straightening. Put simply, straighter teeth are healthier teeth, as there aren’t as many nooks and crannies for bacteria to hide in. They also look great!

Looking good, feeling great

Another role that the dentist has taken on is to make the teeth look as good as they feel. There are a wide range of cosmetic treatments that can give the patient a big boost to their self-confidence.

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Teeth whitening can provide a fast, cost-effective boost to the appearance of a patient’s teeth. In-practice whitening is a great option if the patient has an important event like a wedding or job interview coming up. The teeth can be whitened by several shades in just over an hour.

For more cosmetic treatment options, dentists are happy to talk through the vast world of cosmetic dentistry with patients, many even offer free initial consultations. There aren’t many cosmetic issues that can’t be remedied with modern techniques.