Hair Thinning Scissors: Why You Need Them

Cutting hair with scissorsAs a hairstylist, you need to have good equipment to give your customers the kind of service and haircut that they deserve. You need a great pair of hair thinning scissors to give the kind of haircut they expect from you.

What Hair Thinning Scissors Do

Hair thinning scissors lessen the thickness of your client’s hair. These scissors have one blade that you would find in ordinary scissors and one blade with teeth on it. Thinned out hair makes your customers feel comfortable especially during the hot summer months.

You can use hair thinning scissors to perform different haircuts, but some hairstylists use thinning scissors to soften the ends and edges of your hair. This makes it look as if your haircut has grown out naturally, and has no sharp, angular lines as a result of your hairstylist’s cut. They can also create the fading, clipped sides of a haircut.

Types of Hair Thinning Scissors

You use blending and texturising hair thinning scissors to cut 40 to 70% of the hair in just two cuts. If you want to remove a lot of hair, chunking hair thinning scissors is what you need. This kind of hair thinning scissors makes it easy for you to cut curly and thick hair. These scissors have teeth with wider gaps.

For doing blending work, you will find finishing hair thinning scissors useful. Though you would only remove a lesser amount of hair, you could also use these on thick hair. However, you will be doing several cuts to get good results.

With good pairs of hair cutting scissors, you would be able to give your customers the kind of service they expect from you. As a result, they would keep coming back to you and pour more money into your business.
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